Dating antique cutlery

For nearly 200 years Wusthof has earned a reputation for excellence in both design and quality.

So, how has Wusthof consistently maintained this acclaim?

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For collectors, the functionality of a piece of flatware is sometimes the most important consideration, especially if that functionality is archaic or obsolete. Aspic slicers were designed exclusively for calves-foot jelly, cucumber and tomato-slice servers resembled tiny slotted hand mirrors, spinach forks had three wide-spaced tines to spear mounds of boiled spinach, and leaf-shaped ice cream ladles were meant to be used with a matching, dull knife—little wonder this combo was replaced by the ice cream scoop. If your answer is NO you may still want to review the manufacturers trademarks to see if there is a match.It is possible that your pattern is silverplate and not actual sterling silver.We can also engrave up to 4 characters on the badge shield like a year or years of service or initials.Wusthof is a manufacturer of cutlery with an extraordinary history.

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