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As an activist and writer, I’m concerned with using language that connects with people, and seeking frames that have impact.With this issue, perhaps one useful frame is that of personal stories. As I was surfing the intertubes on this topic, I ran across this video on teen dating violence (warning, 13 minutes long). While both the linked video and Oprah’s show yesterday focus on both sides of the gender divide, they also both make clear that this issue effects women disproportionately. Here's the thing: some of us have more obstacles to overcome than others. Brown is in a position to get help though we have yet to see any indication that he wants to take responsibility for his temper, his poor coping skills, his decision to hit a person physically weaker, his remorse or his change in behavior. I also doubt that if he had beat and raped a woman that Oprah would have been so empathetic though I know plenty of other women, Black women who'd be ready to make excuses (shades of R Kelly). It was coming very close to Black male protectionism at the expense of the Black woman who was in fact the injured party.Statistics say about one in three high school students have been—or will be—involved in an abusive relationship."The message this story sends to teen girls and boys everywhere is disturbing, and it is also dangerous," Oprah says. use this as a moment to allow our society to begin to grow." Oprah believes this story can be a teaching moment for every teen and parent. Oprah Winfrey, one the world's most influential woman, hosts this talk show in which she talks with many celebrities and other people.She often holds special shows such as "Oprah's Favorite Things", or she will host to make some disorder or illness known, often contributing her money to such worthy causes.

If we thought of them as just that guy or gal next door why would we care about what clothes they wear or who they hang out with or buy entertainment/gossip magazines and view websites featuring them?Rihanna and Chris Brown were both interviewed by Banks.I did not see the Oprah show yesterday, and would be interested in hearing from people who did see it. Media reports suggest that the show attempted to address both sides of the issue, but that the overall message was zero tolerance for violence against women. I have been giving this topic quite a lot of thought during the last couple of weeks, within a broader focus of violence against women.We have the raw data on so-called “domestic violence”, and we know that it disproportionately affects women.It's the story that has brought dating violence into the national spotlight.

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