You can define your own custom mask or preferably select from a predefined set using the designer.

The properties on the masked text box include: Mask: 00/00/0000 Validating Type: Date Time Text Mask Format: Include Literals This is exactly as I have used masked textboxes on previous apps and it worked then, so why not now? private void Form1_Load(object sender, Event Args e) void masked Text Box1_Type Validation Completed(object sender, Type Validation Event Args e) // Hide the tooltip if the user starts typing again before the five-second display limit on the tooltip expires.

Most of the information about the controls is still applicable to previous versions of Primal Forms.

Mask This property sets the string governing the input for this control. Use the Mask property to limit the textbox’s input to a specific format.

You can set the Mask to be "'), accept, optionally, two alphanumeric characters ('aa') followed by a literal colon ('\:'), and so on.

(The reason for the literal colon is so that it isn't translated to a different Time separator character.) Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to specify that the separator can be either a dash a colon, but, in my test, pasting in input with either separator (or none) works ok (i.e.

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