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Is this something that is supposed to work, or are we missing something.Here is a sample of an XML file (taken from our repo - Script/template-hello-world): @egamma By the way, the autocomplete-plus package provide is exactly what we need. As far as I found, the API is not rich enough, but I hope I might've been mistaken...This will be useful for anyone creating an Instrument Definition file or Parameters file, or editing the Facilities file.

Blue wavy underlines show semantic errors based on DTD or schema validation.

EDIT: With it we will be able to do something like autocomplete-xml Can you help me to understand the above better?

@Erjan Gavalji did you compare the Completion Provider interface with Autocomplete-plus. Completion Provider doesn't make assumptions about the language.

Each error has an associated entry in the error list.

You can also view the error message by pausing the mouse over the wavy underline.

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