Updating verizon roaming codes

This list tells your card which towers to look for when establishing connection, including towers from other carriers that Sprint/Verizon has roaming agreements with.

As new EVDO towers are installed or new roaming agreements are reached, your PRL will become out of date because it won't know to hunt for these new towers.

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PRL updates are meant for CDMA networks, and both T-Mobile and AT&T utilize GSM networks.

All Verizon and Sprint EVDO modems have a Preferred Roaming List (or PRL) embedded in the card.Most cellphones use a unique mix of hardware, software, and firmware to provide service features like caller identification, roaming coverage, and text messaging.While add-ons like third-party antenna boosters provide a physical means of improving reception, updates can do the same, and they may even be more effective.If the process fails, try restarting the device and dialing again.Updating your i Phone Preferred Roaming List is not required if you own an LTE device on Verizon, or use AT&T or T-Mobile.

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