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This will enable the budding hacker to make the Pogo Plug do their bidding.

´write it down on paper.´ 2you use a motor and not a fixed to your nearest referance sat,before you dissconect your old stb, this is probably not needed if you use usals,cause then you insert your latlongitud. Start it up, then press menu and go to optioncontrolpanel press Ok do your settings such as hd type-video output etc: press Exit when done, and stb autosaves. 6.press Right arrow on remote to Accessory go to network and press 1111 to get hidden menu… Once the recovery to proceed with updating the file system via USB. Connect the decoder to the PC directly to a normal LAN cable; 2. Temporarily remove the firewall to protect your PC (Firewall active can cause lack of communication between your PC and QBox HD); 4. In settings set the ip of the pc (ie and as a decoder ip any ip (eg (ONLY THE FIRST START, then to change these settings, press the “Program Settings”); 6. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE LATEST UPDATED USER GUIDE OR TUTORIAL FROM THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE IN ORDER TO GET THE LAST CHANGES. It is recommended to connect the QBox to a LAN Switch, HUB or Router to prevent data loss or timeout on some Windows OS 3. Turn OFF and ON the QBox and the upload will start automatically. 1the backside of your stb under the power switch, and in some cases also on carton wich it arrived in, you find the ser nr it starts with an I or 1. 3.connect your new Spiderbox with cables such as scart-hdmi ypbpr lnb and networkcable etc: 4. Turn on the receiver while holding down the front of the Q-Box HD MINI; 9. Note: ALL UPDATE PROCEDURES MAY CHANGE ACCORDINGLY WITH DEVELOPMENT IMPROVEMENTS. Boot Update is a hard update and needs to turn OFF and then ON the QBox. Download the latest updating software version can be downloaded from the official web site install it on your PC. Connect the QBox to your network using cross or direct LAN cable. It might take some time to upload and flash the image. The new image should be flashed and working Hopefully this serves as a good alternative for those that really have no idea on how to load the CCcam file into Skybox/Openbox HD satellite decoder using thumbdrive so that you still can do it yourself without assistance from professional installers which could be costly for such an easy setup. Use left or right arrow to select MISC FILES, then arrow down to SELECT & DUMP. When prompted to burn flash, select “yes” and press OK key. If you wish to restore your previous data, see below. it might not be complete,and if theres anything that you feel needs, to be added or is missleading please make a post here … theres 3 keys you might find handy in future so write them down on a piece of paper or save it somewhere else, but we are coming to that. Standard sales configuration of the QBox HD contains a 1GB USB Pen for storage of small contents or setting or third party applications. Boot Update files have the extension Boot Update can be done ONLY using QBox HD Updater software. QHU Note: DO NOT TURN THE RECEIVER OFF WHILE THE UPDATE IS IN PROGRESS. If no OSD menu is visible on your screen, press the Menu-Button to open the main OSD menu. Navigate to the option “Information” and press the OK-Button to select. This window shows all relevant information about the Hard- and Firmware of your QBox HD. In most embedded system, the flash device is used directly with no hard disk emulation.The MTD mapping driver provides accessor functions to read and write flash memory.

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