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I have active research projects in Nepal involving the High Himalayan crystalline rocks and the foreland basin .The University of Houston's proud heritage of academic excellence dates back to its founding in 1927.An ability to determine T-t history is a key to understanding a variety of tectonic problems, energy sources such as fossil fuels and geothermal energy, and is the best method for precise dating of young volcanic rocks.Over the past several years I have focused on using this technique to understand problems associated with the collision between Indian and Asia.Thermochronologic data have significantly enhanced our understanding of one of the most exciting problems in geodynamics today.The fact the this collision continues today makes possible to link geophysical constraints from the present day to geologic data from the past.

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From a lovable feline to an all-campus fiesta, the University of Houston builds community and generates fun with a variety of time-honored traditions.D., 1990, Geology, State University of New York at Albany M.S., 1986, Geology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology B. Explore our programs and resources to learn why UH is the best choice for your future. As a student at UH, your options and potential are limitless.

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