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In some cases (like with WHDH and WLVI in Boston, Massachusetts, when the former's owner Sunbeam Television formed a duopoly with WLVI after purchasing the station from Tribune Broadcasting in 2006), the junior partner's news department is shut down completely, with the senior partner subsequently taking over production of its news content using only their existing staff.

KGWC-TV, channel 14 is the local CBS affiliate for Casper, Wyoming, owned by Mark III Media.

It is the French Videlio-Preview that has been selected to manage this modernisation operation.

This complete overhaul of its production systems will allow the channel to create better program productions and to have more modern facilities in line with the ambitions of the regional leadership.

Under these circumstances, we decided it was best to withdraw from the public television business."As part of its on-going fiscal management process, the university has recently announced several measures intended to cut costs, including restructuring the University Press, decreasing its share of employee health benefit costs, consolidating its central IT operations, and cutting back on non-patient care positions in the Health System."This is a painful decision and we understand how it will affect our staff as well as the supportive Flint community, but we didn't see any way to make it work," Lampe said. The University of Michigan plans to discontinue operating Michigan Television (WFUM-TV/Flint) because of shortfalls in revenue since 2005 and the need to control the university's costs in the face of the continuing economic downturn.Member contributions from viewers, along with support from area businesses and foundations, have traditionally provided the largest source of funding for Michigan Television.All three stations adopted their current call letters on January 1, 1987 (the KCWY calls are now located on channel 13 in Casper), and were grouped together as the "Wyoming News Network" until June 2000, when then-owner Benedek Broadcasting closed much of the Casper operation and made the stations semi-satellites of KGWN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cheyenne.The stations were sold to Chelsey Broadcasting in 2002, following Benedek's bankruptcy.

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