Spamcure not updating

Once this has been done, send the email through the VIPRE Email Security filter to verify the effectiveness of the engines.This email will need to be sent from an external source to an internal source for filtering to be done.If you delete files from the filesystem, the command "df -h" might not show the deleted space as being available.This is because the deleted files could still be held open by (defunct) processes, where the file descriptor handles still point to those files.These notifications are intended to ensure that you take the appropriate steps to keep your antivirus and antispam protection up to date when these engines are retired.(For more information, read the most recent blog article about the upcoming engine changes.)We have received several requests, however, for information about disabling these notifications that are generated by Antigen for Exchange and SMTP Gateways and Forefront for Exchange, Share Point, and Office Communications Server related to deselecting the antivirus engines about to be retired.

Alternativaly, if you're using a journaling filesystem (like EXT3), keep in mind that df will also count the space used for this journal log in the output.I have a licence for 3 computers and about 270 days left.I have tried all the suggestions posted on this forum including re-installing several times ...This article provides instructions for deselecting engines from scan jobs, which will disable the notifications for affected Forefront and Antigen products.The steps to disable the engines in the products are listed below.

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