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To be really honest, the whole issue of pole has at times been a real source of conflict in our relationship.I guess it's because I want him to love it as much as I do, but at the end of the day he just doesn't."I'm sure people imagine that going out with a pole dancer guarantees you wild, contortionist sex and private dances on demand. Maybe other pole dancers don't drag themselves through the front door after a class or performance, limping, smelling a little sweaty, make up smudged, false eyelashes a bit wonky, and either demand a deep tissue massage or go straight to the freezer for an ice pack.Maybe other pole dancers come home and put their cute pole costumes to good use, by pouncing on their partner in a frenzy of sexual pole dancer energy. He's very happy that I'm so happy doing what I love. I honestly can't believe how lucky I am to have a boyfriend who lets me perform the way I do in public, and never hassles me for being too, umm... He has one rule: no stripping (as in, taking clothes off is fine, so long as I at least keep a top and bottom on at all times, no matter how small).Back home she was attending classes weekly, and bought her own pole to install in her house. An activity that for years was synonymous with strip clubs, pole dancing is now not only a Groupon-approved alternative to step aerobics for suburban moms but also one that has gone the way of karaoke and cooking: It’s competitive, right down to national anthem kickoffs, sponsors with names such as Bad Kitty, and industry idols including Kyra Johannesen.Which is fine because I have no need or desire to strip anyway.I think that in the beginning, he was pretty into the idea of his girlfriend being a pole dancer.

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“The addition of a sex establishment would severely damage this image and the perception of the street.” A business owner who objected said a strip club would make the area unsafe, adding: “I will feel ashamed to call my clients to my office.But it is NOT ok to video the whole class – routines and class structure remain the property of Candy & Chrome – please respect this.Also, PLEASE be considerate when you take your shots – try to avoid getting other class members in the shot to respect their privacy.It's a fantastic sport, for anybody.'Fitness fanatic Mrs Campbell used to enjoy gymnastics and netball, and she spent time cycling and trampolining with her daughters.But she began to notice herself getting 'flabby' after an ankle injury in her early 50s left her unable to keep up her former active lifestyle.

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