Roman coins reading and dating roman imperial coins klawans

(My website for beginners is "Ancient Roman and Greek Coins, FAQ.") What do you mean by "advanced" collector?Advanced collectors not only have lots of coins and know what coins cost, but they also know a lot about them. Their knowledge doubles their enjoyment and satisfaction, regardless of how many coins they own or how much they can afford to spend. At Oxford, Cambridge, and several other universities students can train to become experts.While some of the following titles may sometimes appear on the reverse of coins, generally reverse inscriptions are beyond the scope of this article.AUGUSTUS - The name of the first emperor bestowed upon him by the Senate in 27 BC. During the later empire, senior emperors were called the "Augustus" while junior emperors were the "Caesar."CAESAR - The family name of the first imperial dynasty, it became a title used by later emperors.However, by learning less than a dozen abbreviations and developing a familiarity with that names used on Imperial coins the collector can easily attribute most coins that he will encounter (provided the inscriptions are legible).

So, there is a great deal of information available beyond the level of "What is it and what is it worth?

For example, no mention is made in the listing of the multitude of BMC volumes.

The British Museum published catalogs of and data about the coins in their collection in hardbound reference volumes that were illustrated with the highest quality plates.

In addition to the catalog section, there are sections devoted to characteristics of most reverse types, a discussion of the Roman mints, an overview of the different denominations, and a look at how Roman coinage has changed from the earliest days in about 270 B. Like most books on Roman coins, this one is not cheap.

The last time the author checked, the going price was .00 series, published by Seaby in five volumes is probably one of the most thorough catalogs of the Roman silver issues available to the collector and student.

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