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If every time you changed a piece of data all of the pivot tables updated, it could bring the system to a standstill with all of the updates.

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Excel Pivot Tables are one of the greatest tools in the spreadsheet user’s toolkit.

You can the options in the drop-down filter and even select them.

In fact, the pivot table (that’s created with every pivot chart) updates. I demonstrate this disappointing failure in this short demo. Go ahead and test it for yourself with the pivot chart in this Excel file.

If the location of your external data source changed—for example, your SQL Server database name is the same, but it's been moved to a different server, or your Access database has been moved to another network share—you can change your current connection.

If your new location is not listed, click Browse for More, and then look for the data source you want to connect to in the Select Data Source dialog box.

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