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Battle of Flodden - 9 September 1513 In the nineteenth century, Jane Elliot wrote a haunting ballad called "The Flowers of the Forest".

This haunting, beautiful ballad was written 300 years after the event it commemorates - the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm just fired off the latest shot in the battle by sending PWInsider...

CM Punk is taking part in MTV's reality show "The Challenge", and was on the receiving end of some hate from one of the other contestants apparently. A petition to remove pro-wrestling from You Tube's offensive content list is gaining traction. Last March, You Tube responded to advertisers complaints that their ads were running over offensive...It was a victory for the English halberd over the unwieldy pike and heavy sword of the Scots.James IV was killed together with 10,000 of his men - and the flower of all the noble families of Scotland. Battle of Dunbar - 3 September 1650 The Battle of Dunbar took place on 3 September 1650.Although small, in the Middle Ages these areas lay between the powerful kingdoms of England, France, and the Holy Roman Empire and were densely populated and economically prosperous, because of their advantageous geographical location close to the sea.Through an excellent system of waterways linking them to the sea and a close trading relationship with England, the Flemish cities of Bruges and Ghent became economically prosperous centres of the wool trade in the 15th century.

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