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The pride was that of a world-class wanker, an inveterate fantasist delighting in imaginary ‘sport’ with bevies of accommodating lovelies, including Mrs Steward, Charles II’s inamorata, and the queen (even in fantasy, Pepys was a staunch royalist).

‘The best that was ever dreamed,’ he chortled over a night-time’s romp with the delectable Lady Castlemaine, another of Charles’s mistresses. ‘God forgive,’ he scribbled into his diary after a sermon spent mentally fornicating with a friend’s teenage daughter.

By the early 19th century, masturbation had become the ‘moloch of the species’, as J. Kellogg, the American health reformer and cereal king, described it in the typically apocalyptic rhetoric of anti-onanists.

Female masturbators, previously sidelined, acquired new prominence, and the prevention of infantile masturbation became a Europe-wide obsession.

Lounging in a boat anchored near his home, daydreaming about a ‘pretty wench’ he’d spotted in Westminster earlier that day, Samuel Pepys became so aroused that he ejaculated spontaneously, having ‘it complete avec la fille …

This time, however, it was not the thought of pretty girls that diverted him but his friend John Evelyn’s ‘pretty’ new book ‘against Solitude’. The exchange was an exercise in paradox, with both disputants adopting positions contrary to their convictions. Reading these strictures, or the many other 17th-century jeremiads against solitude, Pepys would not have thought to apply them to his solitary sexual pleasures. etc masturbation, previously a second-order sexual offence, soared to the top of the register of vices.“Neither my talk nor the video has anything to do with masturbation," Clark said."There’s nothing in the video or in my talk about that.Keep in mind, too, that “God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.” (1 John ) God sees more than our sins; he sees the whole person.This knowledge enables him to hear with sympathy our earnest pleas for mercy.

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