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Just Google “Tay,” and the results speak for themselves.

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He defined AI (known back then as “machine learning”) as “a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” We can benefit from this definition, but first we must define the verb “to learn.” When Arthur Samuel used the term “to learn” it was not cognitive; it was operational.Initial reports of Tay, Microsoft's teen-speaking AI, had her penned as a creepily intelligent — if obnoxious — chat and Twitter bot.Little did they know that, like many teenagers, Tay would quickly run wild.You: Not a Fair Fight.” It will, and should, scare you.She’ll start a food fight, travel the world, go on a date and even get down and dirty (censored, of course! Just type in what you’d like to see Ashley Boo do, and then watch her do it. Ashley Boo is an interactive profile created to promote Video Chat Rounds, a video chat application.

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    Before you do that, you need to LEARN what to do Extramarital relations can quickly turn into a HUGE nuisance or a MAJOR disaster if not handled with the proper care and knowledge.

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    When we think of online dating, we most likely think of sites for singles.