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Problems include arbitrary arrest, use of condoms as evidence, and physical and sexual violence at the hands of police.In Myanmar and Malaysia, police often fail to respond appropriately when sex workers report crimes against them; but relations with police are dramatically different where sex work is decriminalised, such as in New Zealand.Prostitution is a major social issue that particularly affects women and children.Burma is a major source of prostitutes (an estimate of 25,000–30,000) in Thailand, with the majority of women trafficked taken to Ranong, bordering south Burma, and Mae Sai, at the eastern tip of Burma.Several officers in uniform then start attacking one of the sitting men, beating him with a stick and kicking him repeatedly in the face.Three junior police were handed down two month sentences over the video, police sources told AFP, including the officer who filmed it previously named as Zaw Myo Htike by state media.And in Vietnam and Australia, APNSW members speak about how laws and policies, as well as stigma and discrimination, are a form of violence in themselves.

Sex workers demand: A selection of videos are below – see also a full list of all APNSW videos on Youtube.The Internet in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been available since 2000 when the first Internet connections were established.Beginning in September 2011, the historically pervasive levels of Internet censorship in Burma were significantly reduced.Thousands of Rohingya have since attempted to leave the country, fueling the region's intricate and brutal human trafficking network.VICE News traveled to Myanmar to investigate the violence and discrimination faced by the country's Muslim minority.

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