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But I searched through a good ten pages of woman and five pages of men, and these were pretty much the cream of the crop.So if you’re a single metal fan looking for your soul mate, you might do better to stick to MTV’s pickup advice for metal shows.We love girls in speedcuffs, it just looks so great on their slender wrists! Here she is in some hinged handcuffs and thumbcuffs, having the time of her life! But we did not want to scare her too much so we started with one pair and had a little fun (in front, behind the back…) with the gorgeous and funny Izzy locked in a custom metal collar as well.This stunning professional model was impressed by our cuffs collection, and she said she will be back to try some other restraints soon! After a while, we just happened to add 5 extra pairs of cuffs to her wrists. We should invite her over more often to try some other restraints on her! In her bright yellow lingerie, she will now try the Rigid Spreader Jo-2 for all of you. Well, Tiffany wasn’t really too sure about this device, but when she was locked into it, she really started to enjoy it.Match has more than 23.5 million members, and you can narrow down your dating preferences as much as you want, including musical interests and lifestyle habits.After failed attempts on other dating websites, I was tired of notrnmeeting guys with my same taste in music (the basis of any relationship, in myrnbook!

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After all, there are crazy people on every dating site (save for Christian Mingle — the singles on that site are pure sex).

And I’m not gonna lie — I’m seriously considering joining.

I mean, I did some free browsing, and was immediately matched with a variety of metal lovin’ ladies who any guy would be lucky to bring home to meet his mother.

And still, after this shoot, Roxy asked when she could come back for more. She was a little nervous, but she soon got into it when she was trying out different positions and poses in the rigid restraints. She is one of the prettiest local girls we have ever seen.

These cuffs are not easy to pose in, but Amber did a great job! Not a model, just a girl with a huge curiosity and an open mind. We had 6 pairs of Peerless 700 cuffs lying around when Izzy Delphine showed up.

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