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As of July 2016, approximately 220 grants were distributed to support Veterans and their families.The Chrysler Liquidating Trust partnership grew out of discussions between Secretary Mc Donald and Bob Manzo, Trustee for the Trust on the importance of forging strategic partnerships and the ongoing work to end Veteran homelessness.Read More In accordance with the Settlement Agreement and following receipt by the Bearing Point, Inc. Liquidating Trust, announced today a million special litigation distribution to creditors.Liquidating Trust of the agreed-upon ,000,000, an Order of Dismissal was signed by the Circuit Court for the County of Fairfax, Virginia, dismissing the Complaint filed by John De Groote Services, LLC against F. This supplemental distribution will be made immediately and results from the Trust’s lawsuit against former Directors and the former Chief Executive Officer of Bearing Point, Inc., which was settled for million with no admission of liability.Earlier this year, the Chrysler Liquidating Trust committed 0,000 to support VA’s efforts to prevent homelessness in Detroit, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

The Complaint filed in this dispute seeks redress for the alleged breaches of fiduciary duty that caused this loss to the Company’s shareholders and creditors, and alleges specific instances where Bearing Point’s directors failed to develop, manage and oversee the Company’s sales process, instead allowing it to be dominated by a self-interested Chief Executive Officer who had a personal interest in ignoring significant segments of the marketplace in order to maintain his management position, vest certain equity interests, and obtain new equity holdings in the purchasing entity. Motion to Approve Settlement Filed Today John De Groote Services, LLC filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York a Motion for Entry of an Order Approving Settlement Between the Liquidating Trust and F. The Brief in Support of the Director Defendants’ Motion is available here, as well as an Index of associated shared Exhibits. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Thursday, February 14, 2013, during which time the Hearing on the Motion for Summary Judgment will be scheduled. Munson in Contempt, and (C) Imposing Sanctions for Willful Violation of Confirmation Injunction (see prior update) took place on January 31, 2013, and a transcript of the hearing can be found here.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce another VA partnership,” said VA Secretary Robert A. “VA’s new strategic partnership with the Chrysler Liquidating Trust is a great example of ways VA is opening its doors to new kinds of partners to better serve Veterans.

Just this summer, President Obama announced a nearly 50-percent decline in Veteran homelessness.

BHLT was given rights to causes of actions against AHC's controlling shareholders, including AT & T Corporation, Comcast Corporation, and Cox Communications. Standing is a legal question and jurisdictional issue that this court reviews without deference.

The liquidation plan distributed certain assets and rights among the trusts. As a threshold matter, we must consider the district court's determination that bankruptcy principles govern the standing inquiry in this case. The patent statutes govern the creation and protection of patent rights, how rights can be transferred, and the parties entitled to assert those rights.

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