Irish speed dating

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This will repeat itself until you have seen all the speed daters.

Despite the thousands of tourists (Yanks) flocking to the Emerald Isle each year to find their own personal Colin Farrells or Laura Whitmores, us Irish folk aren’t really that blessed in the whole ‘dating’ (nee. Pity about us, we take the long boreen around, as opposed to the main road.

While us Irish do love filling our stereotype, this one truly kicks us right in the kisser. We get so excited at the prospect of finding a mate, that we down absolutely everything in sight. Feelings in Irish society are deemed as pretentious as notions and as alien as self-esteem. Whereas the rest of the world can bask in their black-and-white decision making glory, God bless us, we're a little on the grey side.

Dundon (30) and two other men in their 30s are being questioned at garda stations in the city about ongoing organised crime in Limerick city and county.

Dundon was released early from prison in 2014 having been jailed in 2011 for five years for violent disorder as part of an extortion racket from former Limerick nightclub promoter Mark Heffernan in 2010.

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