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“Being sited at the heart of the Council, where funds originate, automatically gives the Centre greater prominence and should ensure the long term protection and preservation of our records.” The issue of protecting records is dear to archivists the world over but it is particularly poignant in Ireland which suffered such appalling loss of documentery heritage in the 1922 PRO fire.

Wicklow, however, is an excellent example of why the urban myth that ‘ALL the records were destroyed in The Fire’ really needs to be scotched.

See these directions and this post on recommended local hotels.

– Beer X Exhibition: Attendees of the 2017 Beer Now Conference will have free access to the Beer X Exhibition.

Following is the agenda for the 2017 Beer Now Conference.

Up to almost his last days, he was still engaged in his scientific researches.

The first stretch of that route is, in many ways, the sweetest.

The train follows the River Foyle into the countryside, whizzing along the sandy Benone Strand before passing beneath the Mussenden temple through one of the country's longest tunnels.

We much regret to report the death of the above-named gentleman, at Belleek, on Sunday last.

For the promoters of home industries it will be interesting to know that to Mr Armstrong was due the success of the Belleek pottery now in vogue for about a quarter of a century in Fermanagh.

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