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Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request."Faith lied tome that she had separated with her husband and I believed her because she was ever asking for sex that sometimes I would have it at their garage in her car and at my house," said Tonderai."If you went through all our conversations for the past six months you discovered that I was under pressure from her as she demanded time for sex and paid me sometimes for delaying me to do my work.Faith collected her belongings together with their three kids and was driven by Patrick to Tonderai's apartment where she was dumped.Tonderai: so wen problems knock @yo doorstep dats wen u cant do anything but to put yo mind only on wats daway forward to watz troubling u n gives u dapotential to chase yopayment or even look for money to solve the issues Faith: wat break, so we cant ju meet to talk. Do you think if I really wanted sex I cant get it anywhere else besides having it with yu? "I want to thank my uncle who advised me not to assault her or shoot her after discovering such things happening in my life.

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