Gemini dating libra man

Like the main characters in The practicalities and hassles of everyday life, like grocery shopping and paying bills, tend to fall by the wayside because this couple is too busy contemplating the larger mysteries of the universe. ), these too should be able to work out the mundane details of life.

Traditional astrology, based solely on the sun signs, rates the compatibility for Gemini and Libra as a perfect "10".

The only potential problem in this relationship is that the Gemini woman is constantly changing her mind.

Since the Libra man only wants to do whatever his lady wants, he simply can’t keep up and can become mentally exhausted from his balancing efforts.

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This need to be sociable is like oxygen to Geminis and their freedom of movement applies to every aspect of their lives.

You are good for each other, indeed: Libra represents around...

80% of what you are looking for in a true partner, so you are in for a lot of joy together.

The important thing is that they like going out often, just like a Gemini!

It's true that there will be some tension between a Gemini and a Libra; after all, even if you are of the same nature, this is restless Air we are talking about.

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