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All you know about me is what I've sold you Dumb fuck I sold out long before you ever heard my name I sold my soul to make a record Dip shit And you bought one So I've got some Advice for you, little buddy Before you point your finger You should know that I'm the man If I'm the fuckin' man Then you're the fuckin' man as well So you can Point that fuckin' finger up your ass.

Whatever the reason may be there are united in their search for SEX!

Busy professionals who don’t have time for a serious relationship but are in need of the perfect outlet after a hard day’s work, bored housewives who are not getting it at home, naughty singles just looking for some sexual entertainment, nymphomaniac women who just can get enough of it…

Millions of people are searching for the same thing as you are, SEX.

We text each other most days and he phones me most weekends after a night out.

The problem is I’ve started to feel more for him which I hadn’t planned to do and a couple of weeks ago when I was drunk I told him.

No longer do you have to trawl the classified personal adverts in your local newspaper and you no longer have to rely on dodgy internet dating sites to find Swinging Sex Contacts.

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Thing we can promise you is that you will find someone to fit your taste, whatever it may be; blond, brunette, redhead, busty, slender, bbw, milf, teen.The first thought that goes through most peoples minds is usually; is this going to work?The answer is a simple YES it does work or we wouldn't have so many members.The second question most people ask is how long will I have to wait for my first sex date? and finally how lazy or active are you going to be about this?The speed of when you can expect your first hook up is dependent on several factors; how near is your nearest fuck buddy? If you are new to this type of dating make sure you have a read of our advice page on How to get a fuck buddy.

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