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Local music that employs the guitar should not be supported then because the guitar is not “indigenous.”To base it on contemporary stereotypes—such as obsession for extravagance, holding a high level of pride, etc.—is likewise a preposterous move, as it assumes the Kapampangan identity as something static and uniform instead of as something alive, evolving, and diverse in its own right.If those are to be made the basis of what Kapampangan culture should constitute, are we then to say that people who deviate from those dominant characteristics have nothing Kapampangan in their artworks?But then my wife suggested I should rather post an Article about this topic on our blog so it is accessible to the mass and more readers can find it useful in the fight to increase better ranking.Here is a complete and comprehensive list of GSA supported Platforms. I have been on more bad dates than I have fingers and toes to count on – and I’m only in my early twenties!I never did get over the idea that a guy should treat a girl like a princess – even if I’ve encountered one too many frogs.When one creates a Xanga profile, one can add friends, web logs, videos, albums, audio and pulse, or a miniblog [3].

I have written several short stories, two books, and about a million blog posts. Even so, I used to love going on dates with different guys, eating great food, and talking on the phone until 3AM.If pre-colonial culture is to be made the basis in defining what Kapampangan culture is, then Kapampangan cinema is an idea to be assassinated, as film is a technology and art originated by the Europeans.Literature written in the Roman alphabet should be brought down, as our ancestors used to write using Kulitan.Datingish is the dating community that focuses on dating and relationships while Healthkicker is where one can go to blog about a healthier life and focus on dieting and fitness. Dollarish focuses on financial discussions, and Lovelyish includes blogs about beauty, makeup, and fashion.Revelife is a Christian community and focuses on the mind, body, soul, and Christianity [4].

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