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I like travelling, Dancing, cooking, cleaning and take the responsibility of a woman in the house... I like going out to have a nice time with my man...Mal (Australia) Report N5 (added on January, 15, 2008) Miss Botchwey showed me a passport that seemed legit.

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boy that was one fast told me she was madly in love she wanted be with me i sent a pictue of me she sent me a picture of which wasnt her she got it from a porno site which said on the bottom left corner saying lia19she is ftv girl how stupid can you get what a joke i did not send her anything i got pics here your welcome to it.By bringing back dating to Ghana Web, we want to offer a dating experience adapted to the Ghana taste and culture. There are many goals in life and one of them is to create a happy family.John Smith, Raphael Anati, Maravan Wilson, James W., Stephen Darlington, Max Wright, Desmond Hogan, Michael Christin, Chris, Michael Mc Lean, Francis Morgan, Edward Johnson, Micheal Kelvin Shandy, Wayne Billy, Owen Sebastain, Terry Blay, David Young, William W., Peter H Garlin, David Martin, David Murphy, Marvin Chandler, Alex Jerry, David Quimby, John Anderson, Douglas Morgan, Smith Moore, Jeffrey Rameses, Jimmy Anderson, Edvard Patrick, Michmanuel Okere, Frank Garret, Paul Smith, Thomas Billy, Lui Kong, David Anderson, Steven Lawson, Robert Cerikse, Kenneth Walter, Paul Walsdorf, Micheal Hudson, David Mayas, Mark Allen Smith, Warren Andre, Johnson Kelly, Robert Tomasz, James Green, William Mark, Jerry Morrison, Henry Morgan, Andrew M.Walsh, Patrick Simon, Douglas S., Glenn Mc Muarice, Ash Carter, Antony H. K., Charles Ruddock, Micheal Wexford, Matthew W., Adams S., Kelvin Mark Anderson, Henry Matthew, James M., Lynn Lower, Levi Luke, Edsel Lane Swanson, Mark A.

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