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Rhead, John Lessell, Sarah Timberlake, Jacques Sicard and Gazo Fudji.

After World War I, Weller focused on commercial wares and many prestige lines were discontinued.

He learned their decorative glazing techniques and continued to produce Lonhuda under the Louwelsa name, after Long left in 1895.

Some of the artists developing Weller’s art pottery lines included Charles Babcock Upjohn, the new art director, Frederick H.

The color, glaze, size, style, weight and quality will tell you the truth about its history.

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In 1895, Charles Upjohn joined Weller pottery as art director. However, even into the l920s Weller was still introducing several significant lines including La Sa and Hudson.

By 1935, Weller pottery abandoned hand decoration and produced only molded pottery.

By 1905, Weller employed over 500 laborers & skilled artisans, and undoubtedly turned out allot of pottery!

He basically had two styles, or methods in producing wares.

Samuel Weller produced his popular American Arts and Crafts pottery in Ohio from 1872 until the company closed its doors in 1948.

Today the Chinese are making reproductions that carry "Weller" marks, but Weller pottery is distinguished in more ways than just the stamp on the bottom.

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