Dating the book of revelation debate bus dating

The first author to cite this epistle was Clement (c. It is omitted from both the Marcionite Canon and the Muratorian Canon.

Ancient papyrus scrolls frequently listed author and addressee on the side.

Latin and other's are from the University of Montana Library.

I have pictures in Jesus, Joan of Arc, Alaska, Michel Nostradamus, Altar of Tears, Fatima, Forty two, Sept. This is a FREE site where you can read what I have written, copy the chapters for your own personnel use, or for educational purposes, & articles, you can not copyright or in any way try to hinder the FREE access and use of this material by the public.

Debate on the Date of the Book of Revelation (Part 3 of 3) from Thomas Ice on Vimeo.

While the AD 95 date does not impact the futurist interpretive approach of Dr. Hanegraaff preterist view requires an AD 65 date or his view of Revelation is rendered impossible. A special thanks to John Ankerberg and his film crew for filming the event.

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