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It is a response to the shifting landscape of HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) services as well as the challenge in sustaining long-term funding to run PWN’s programs.As communicated to the membership in a letter dated on April 4, 2017 (a copy of which can be found at ca), we have seen our core funding reduced by roughly 60% in one fiscal year with little potential of securing additional funding in the future.

At that time I don't think my mom could handle what was going to be said.Accordingly, the Board is now taking steps to wind up the operations of the organization with a view toward dissolving the organization in the coming months.As part of winding up the organization, the Board is ensuring that PWN members’ interests and needs are considered.PWN staff are currently taking steps to provide transition services that support our members.Charisse Knowlan and Judy Mitchell are leading such efforts in the following activities: As part of the process, we invite you to attend the upcoming special general meeting of the members of PWN to discuss and approve the decision to close the organization, as specifically set out in the proposed resolution attached to this letter.

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