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Henry Mill filed the first patent for a typewriter in 1714, although the machine he envisioned was never built.While a few typewriters were made sporadically in Europe and America in the early 19th century, none were produced on a large scale.If you’re after an occasional typewriter for the letter or memo, this is not your typewriter.But like Olivetti states, it’s not so large, that you can’t move it around. When you strike a key, there’s a measured pace to the typebar.Over the past few years, typewriter values for many models have remained under 0, as shown by price guides such as Worth Point and Kovels and noted by typewriter collectors, such as Mark Adams.

The Studio 44 bridges the gap when a standard machine would be uneconomical and a personal portable unsuitable.” Make no doubt, they’ve designed this machine for someone who takes their words seriously.

Hundreds of different vintage and antique (100 years old or more) typewriters are on the market, in conditions ranging from nearly new to "Why are the keys missing?

" Unlike other antiques and collectibles, determining the value of a typewriter is tricky: as collecter and typewriter expert Tony Casillo notes, there are no major marketplaces solely for old typewriters and office machines, although a few dealers offer listings, like this one for the Sholes-Kortsch collection.

When you think about it, typing on a computer is a magical thing—just hit the keys you want, and letters magically appear on a screen in front of you.

The modern typewriter, for all of its analogue components, isn’t much different, but typewriters weren’t always so easy, intuitive, or standardized.

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