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According to women Dine users, the same applies on dating apps.

There’s no doubt that what you look for in a partner is not at all what your parents were looking for.

And you might want to clip on that leash, because unruly pets are none too popular either.

A deal breaker for nearly a quarter of respondents, the top decorating-related pet peeve is damaged upholstery.

For example, it’s commonsense to most users that not having a profile picture will get you a left swipe.

Being a male dating app user myself, some of the reasons as to why women wont pursue a match was breaking news to me.

Over half of our respondents rank the ick factors – a bad smell, dirty bathrooms, poor plumbing – a major concern.

Start the washer: Dirty laundry and dingy sheets are also deal breakers for nearly half.

At this time, I don’t have strong enough evidence as to why that is but as many have said, a smile goes a long way.

Up to the age of 40, women’s biggest deal breaker is clearly sexism and intolerance in general, and too right.

What are the most common deal breakers for men and women?

And lesbians said their biggest deal-breaker was drug use.

But the first time you visit each other’s home can reveal some major surprises: an accent wall in a hideous color, a sofa overflowing with tacky throw pillows, or some truly terrible artwork.

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