Cigarette manufacture dating codes

There is also a 1-digit number after the month character, this indicates the year of production.

For example, the number 1 would represent 2011 while the number 2 would represent 2012. Newport uses BLACKORWHITE to indicate the month of production.

The answer is quiet easy, in conjunction with the pictured albums here in the Datamath Calculator Museum you get a rough estimate of the timeframe each calculator was built. the rare SR-16 was manufactured between October 1974 and early 1975.

Other calculators stayed longer, the famous TI-68 was introduced 1991 and was available in some countries till the year 2000.

64C, §§ 2A to 2F, and does not indicate compliance with other applicable laws or requirements.

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Most collectors of early electronic calculators will sooner or later ask themselves: How old is this piece of history in my hands? For more information, see 830 CMR 94E.1.1: Provisions Concerning Tobacco Product Manufacturers and M. Manufacturers , brands and styles may be added to or deleted from the Directory from time to time. Because certification is required for each style of cigarette, the Directory now includes names of manufacturers, together with the brands and styles it manufactures. 64C, § 2E(e), only cigarettes that have been certified as fire-safe are eligible for inclusion in the Directory.

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