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In the last 5 months started down my spiritual path looking for a friend for deep conversations about just about anything, where we come from, why we are here to learn and experience and to love all life as we are all one....someone to hang out with, camping, travel companion up to experiencing new things... It would be nice to meet someone with similar interests and above all "integrity and humility". I take an interest in all that life has to offer and like to try new things and that means throwing myself in the deep end which I seemed to have ...I'm kind, loving and caring, I'm a right leg below knee amputee, I lost right foot to diabetes. I will listen to any kind of music that has some beat to it and I will watch any kind of movies. I make new friend for I'm study program eli course in Canada if u know thai language i have to Tech to u but I'm not perfect for skill English i need have new friend and learn English to me.North Bay, Canada Female, 65 Retired now but worked as a support worker in a nursing home.

I'm engaged, been together for 4 years, but want to be able to have friendships that are real. - Horror movies -Video Games -Likes to go out/quiet nights in -Halloween What should i say about me until you figure out yourself...i will write little things about me here ...It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills.Here are 20 of our most recent Canada pen pals that could become your pen friends.My mornings are fairly structured with physical (Tai-Chi) and mental (Meditation) disciplines.I live not far from the sea and once a week I like to walk on a beautiful walk nearby; sometimes we see se...

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