Beer commercial dating site

See: The names are derived from how this drinks USED to be made, flavored with the roots of trees.

no companies really do this anymore, but you can if you really want to try.

While I may not like a certain beer, chances are that it is someone’s number 1, all time favorite, mouthwatering, beer soul mate and that is pretty cool.

So after many days of contemplation and sucking down several Bud Lights (just to prove to my girlfriend that I am not the Beer Snob she claims me to be) I have finally decided what it means to be a Beer Snob, and what it means to simply be a Beer Lover.

The stunning actress is starring in a new commercial for the Brazilian brand Brahma, serving as a spokeswoman for the beverage and promoting the beer in an, er, interesting ad campaign.

Of course, the former In the commercial—which is filmed entirely in Portuguese with the exception of Fox's one line— the brunette beauty winks seductively at the camera, pretends to take off her clothes and jumps around, clearly elated to be drinking the lager.

Oh, and she also reveals a secret identity or two underneath it all.

Everyone enjoys sitting down and talking over a beer while watching the game. With over 78 recognized styles of beer and over 1,400 hundred breweries operating in the United States there is a beer out there for everyone.

You can visit the abbey's homepage here: Beer Advocate page is located here: is based in A'chouffe and was founded in 1982 by Pierre Gobron and Christian Bauweraerts.

The brewery gradually expanded operations, and in 2006 they were acquired by Duvel Moortgat.

There you go, instead of being a Beer Snob now you are a Beer Lover, and trust me everyone loves to hang out with people who love beer.

Being that guy that everyone wants to have a beer with is easy, just be a good person and try not to break the rules so often, trust me it is a lot better than getting physically abused by your girlfriend.

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