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In commemoration of National Coming Out Day, I'm doing something I've never done before.

I'm publicly telling the story of how I came out as a lesbian to my Muslim family.

"Our inspiration for the ad was the client's brief, which was to relaunch 'Come As You Are' with a campaign that promotes inclusiveness and acceptance, celebrating every single customer we’ve had over the past 33 years, and extending the invitation for years to come," he said. Well done for challenging norms," another Facebook user commented.

"We're happy and proud so far of the reactions and the immense positive support that this work is receiving, and specifically the positive reaction nationwide to the referred scene." Crepaway's bold move in a country - where LGBT community members are often targeted by police - was hailed by many across social media platforms. "Even if it's coming from an enterprise that is only supposed to serve you crepes, salads and subs, this ad marks a milestone for the acknowledgement of the silent LGBT community in Lebanon by featuring a glimpse of forbidden 'love bites', a first on the scale of the Arab world," a Facebook user said."A huge step forward for The Crepaway advert also comes on the heels of other efforts as activists in the Arab world push to use social media to promote LGBT rights and raise awareness.

There's this misconception that just because I seem to have it together, or have enjoyed a certain amount of success, that being loud and proud came easy. My wish is that this story brings a bit of hope and courage to those who are desperate to come out and be their authentic selves amongst their families, no matter what the religion or culture.

I was 24 and still living at home in Oregon, we had moved there from the UAE right after the First Gulf War. S in high school, and while my classmates were sneaking around with boys and dating football players, I was in band and math club.

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The online advert by Crepaway, which was shared on the chain's social media platforms on Wednesday, has been hailed as the first in the country to feature a lesbian couple cuddling by the seaside as the voice over says "and here's to never hiding your love-bites".Laws prohibiting pornography in most Middle Eastern countries mean professional productions of Arab porn are largely nonexistent.Instead, couples produce a wealth of homemade porn, usually with the intent of sharing it online.I'm a positive girl, willing to try whatever looks fun, going out, stay home, as long as I feel like it. Hello, I'm and honest and caring woman with lots to offer,, I'm down to earth and love to laugh,, I love to cook and cuddle,, I'm very romantic with the one I love,, I'm easy going,,love long walks.movies dining out or just for a coffee,, so if your interested in known more,,lets get this party …

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