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This event, designed especially for people over age 35, offers the opportunity to meet in an alcohol-free space, a space not mediated by computer screens, a space in which each person present signals, by their presence there, a commitment to creating more connection & having more enjoyment in their life.It's both important and possible to reconfigure your love life, to learn new skills that lay the foundations for great relationships, and to make empowered decisions about dating, sexuality, partnering, and marriage.YESTERDAY, RTÉ ANNOUNCED that it was relocating the fictional Dublin suburb of Carrigstown, which acts as the setting for soap opera Fair City.RTÉ said that the “continued production of Fair City is considerably important to RTÉ’s production”.

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With the hectic lives we live these days its ever harder to find the time to get out and meet new people.

We aim to create an experience in which nervousness shifts into excitement, uncertainty becomes a sense of possibility, and any fears of rejection melt into the warmth of connection. ” and everyone who comes has already answered “yes!

” The dating and relationship lives of many people have been shaped by an absence of role models for healthy, happy partnerships.

At our speed dating events, we aim to offer you opportunity to: - develop greater ease and confidence with dating in an intentional way - learn & practice simple dating fundamentals applicable to dating in other environments - build confidence - renew hope about relationships & love, if you've lost some! When you come to an Empowered Speed Dating event, you know you’re meeting other people looking to make new connections for the purpose of exploring dating relationships.

- deepen your compassion for yourself around dating and relationships - meet other amazing people on their own journeys who ialso hope to cross paths with someone special. Essentially, we’ve asked everyone there, “would you like to come for at least a dozen speed dates?

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